Contract Vehicles: SeaPort Enhanced

SeaPort Quality Assurance

Twin-Soft’s proven metric-based Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) features independent reporting to monitor and verify process implementations across Twin-Soft’s sites and projects. Our QAP approach results in predictable and measurable quality across all Task Orders to ensure the effective and efficient achievement of program goals as well as enabling the reuse of best practices. Audits, assessments, and in -process reviews are regularly performed by Twin-Soft’s QA staff to ensure compliance and adherence to program-established processes. Twin-Soft’s QA initiatives realize cost savings by introducing improved and streamlined methods and processes for performing project activities learned from the audits and reviews of other projects’ processes.

Twin-Soft’s QA Manager ensures that each SeaPort-E Task Order requires the preparation of a specific Quality Assurance Plan. This QAP establishes our overall management philosophy, governing policies, requirements, and accountability for ensuring compliance with individual contract and Task Order requirements. Our QA program includes:

  1. Identifying requirements
  2. Identifying processes
  3. Implementing structure and processes
  4. Measuring and reporting compliance
  5. Monitoring continuous improvement

It is the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Manager to implement and ‘institutionalize’ the Plan across all task orders through training and awareness with associated reporting and actions as appropriate. The individual Task Order Program Manager is responsible for assessing all inspection and audit findings and trend analysis to ensure any discrepancies identified are corrected quickly and that action is taken to prevent recurrence (i.e., root cause analysis).